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Why is Childcare so expensive?

Childcare costs more than 14% of parents' paycheck. In States like New York, some parents pay up to 50% of their paycheck in childcare.  Parents spend more than $245,000 on average per child by the time the child reaches age 17, not including education. (CNN Money).  Our AI powered mobile system would reduce this number by up to 60%, about $147,000 in savings.

Our AI-powered mobile system resolves the issue surrounding the high cost of child care.

Our organization is also researching and invested in using technology  to answer more societal, environmental and organizational questions.

Little Bunny  Mobile App

Little Bunny is an on-demand, AI-powered mobile application whose primary goal is to make childcare Affordable, easy and reliable.


The price for our childcare services is much lower than the prices at a traditional daycare.  Our prices can range between $11/hour to $35/hour depending on the customers' area and other economic factors, such as, a demand surge.


Our child care services are on-demand.  Customers can request our services anytime and any day.  They can also set a schedule according to which they can regularly drop off their children at one of their favorite babysitter's place or have her come into the customer's home.


Our services are flexible, there is no time constraint; people can request service anytime without having to pre-plan everything.  There is no minimum time required.  People pay for the amount of time they use our service.


Our services are reliable.   They undergo criminal background checks and mental health assessments before being able to view and to accept parents' requests.   


Also, they are community-based, meaning they could be your neighbors and/ or people that your neighbors know very well.  Our babysitters are not like drivers roaming all over the city; they have a fixed address and can be easily found.


Their ratings are done by people that you more likely know and can easily meet at local grocery store. 


Our babysitters cannot cancel on a customer.  We know there is always some unforeseeable circumstance that could make people cancel.  Our system has overcome this challenge by transferring a scheduled service to another babysitter without bothering the parent and if the parent is not happy they will get a refund and credit for their next request.




" I had just started a new position in Philadelphia when a week and half later my wife who was 8 months pregnant at the time, fell very ill.  For people living in Atlanta, GA or traveling to Atlanta, you would remember there was a flu outbreak in the Winter of 2018.  My wife was diagnosed with pneumonia and type 2 diabetes in addition to having the flu.  I had to fly back home as soon as possible, which I did, even though I had just gotten the job. 


I stayed at home for a very long time to take care of my wife and my baby.  She eventually got better and even went back to work, while I was still trying to find my resume.  I stayed home for a long time, taking care of my child. We had difficulty finding someone who could stay with the baby since I was getting invited to job interviews.  That's how I started thinking about of a system, a childcare solution to help parents and guardians in a similar situations.  After researching some more, I started working on a prototype of a mobile app design that would facilitate childcare services.


During my research I found out that many parents go through the same dilemma where they have to choose between their careers and taking care of their babies.  I put in a lot of effort until we figured out an On-demand, AI-powered self-sustaining mobile app that would provide affordable, convenient, reliable and flexible childcare services.


Later, I finally got a job in a fortune 100 company HQ'd in Atlanta, GA.  I used my salary to reinvest into the company and kept on building until today..."

                    -  The  founder -


We believe in a future where people, communities and businesses are empowered to shape their own future through technology.


We use AI, Machine Learning and many advanced techniques to build systems and technological tools that improve our daily lives.  In addition to liTTLE bUNNY, there are other inventions and ideas that are still in incubation.




Atlanta, GA



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