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liTTLE bUNNY Childcare Tech

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The  main goal of this product is to make childcare AFFORDABLE, EASY and RELIABLE.

liTTLE bUNNY is an AI-powered, childcare sharing app that is designed to be a way out for parents to go on date nights, to attend Christmas eve events, to go to weddings and different parties without the frustration of finding a nanny for the evening.

liTTLE bUNNY is affordable because our rates are generally lower than traditional childcare rates. Our hourly rates get  even lower when the parent is requesting service for more than 1 child.


liTTLE bUNNY is easy, because all you need to do is download our app, register free of charge and start making requests.  We provide 24 -7 services, there is no time restriction.


liTTLE bUNNY is reliable because we have a no-cancellation policy. If a childcare specialist has accepted a request but due to unforeseen circumstances she cannot make it, our system will automatically find a replacement without inconveniencing the parent.

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